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Director: Krysta Kavenaugh

Please see my welcome on the home page.

How could one work at a library and not love books? A truly delightful day is having the luxury of getting lost in a novel, forgetting about my to-do list, experiencing the pleasure of another time and space, lifestyle or worldview, and reading it start to finish. Ahhhh. But besides pleasure reading, I love research, exploring ideas, finding information and get equally lost surfing the web — so many things to explore and learn and so little time. 

I come from MN (Land of 10,000 Lakes) to NM (Land of Enchantment) and they are quite different. Hardwoods are some of the most gorgeous creations on earth, and any body of water is a dream for me. And yet the mountains and their expansiveness, openness and stillness, feed me deeply and nourish me.

Besides reading, I am an avid MN Vikings true-blue fan (Chicago Cubs too) and I yell loudly as I watch. Ballroom dancing is one of my favorite pastimes, and I was in “Dancing with the Studio Stars.” I’m now in a phase of how to make raw desserts without wheat or sugar, and yet still taste scrumptious. I want to learn how to make compost, harvest rainwater and grow my own food. Creating community in my personal life is a passion, as I think it fosters connection and support which enhances life (and helps one live longer too). I believe taking care of our earth and it’s gift of resources is vital.

My background has included an array of jobs. I’ve been a counselor, facilitator, coach, trainer, professional speaker, editor-in-chief of a national magazine — MARRIAGE. Along the way I’ve also done sales, brain training (the brain can change, grow and heal no matter what the age or issue), and ministering. I will use the many skills gathered in that history for the library to continue it’s proud tradition. I’m delighted to be here.


Librarian: Thomas Fortson

Jonathan Trujillo

Caretaker: Cecilia Lopez

Bookkeeper: Evangeline Martinez

Cataloging and Acquisitions: Lallie Scott
Lallie was born in Hot Springs, NM, just before the name changed to Truth or Consequences. She moved to El Rito, NM, in September 2011, to be closer to her siblings in Farmington, Albuquerque, and Las Cruces. Lallie taught physical geography for 25 years: as a teaching fellow at the University of Utah, where she received her PhD in 1992, at Western Washington University, and at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, OK, where she retired as Professor Emeritus of Geography in 2010. Her travels have taken her to Central and South America and to East Asia. In 2006 she led a National Geographic Society sponsored teachers’ field study of volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunamis in Japan, China, and Indonesia.  Her many trips to China included one semester of teaching at Southwest University of Science and Technology in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, where she experienced the 2008 8.0 magnitude Wenchuan earthquake. In El Rito, she spends her time reading, gardening, and hiking in the forest with her three dogs.



President:  Judith M. Uhrich

After living for 30 years in Denver, I moved to El Rito 3 plus years ago, planning to retire in a peaceful community, after working with the angst of adolescence my entire career. It is such a pleasure to enjoy my first cup of coffee in the morning out in a lawn chair, listening to the birds chirping and smelling the aroma of my dog being skunked the night before.  I love the whole package.  When I moved here, I was delighted to learn there is a library right here in town!  Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, so finding interesting and fun materials five minutes away seemed a great stroke of luck.  I feel blessed to be a participant in the furtherance of the mission of El Rito Library and happily donate whatever skills I possess to that end.

Vice President:
  Ted Harsha


Secretary: Lallie Scott

See bio in staff section.

Member: Elizabeth (Liz) Lucero

Member: Gloria Martinez

Previous Director: Christine Trujillo

Christine Trujillo is a native of El Rito.  She was born and raised in El Rito.  She went to Placitas Elementary, El Rito Elementary, graduated from Mesa Vista High School the same year she received a certificate of "Clerk Steno" from the Technical Vocational School in El Rito.  She had a career in state government for almost 27 years.  She served the El Rito Community as Library Director from November of 2002 until March 2015.





Ex-Officio: Previous Board Presidents:  Kolleen Martinsen-Grenier, Roberta Orona-Cordova, Jim Harford, Terry Moffitt (Deceased), John Caster, Janice Snellman, Tracy McBride, and Robert (Bob) Snow