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The Library Continues to Remodel the Library

Thank you, Terry Moffit for taking the helm of the remodelling and restoration of the library, making the bathrooms handicapped accessible, the community room more functional and the old seniors center restored with a natural earthen plaster with an excellent crew of local artisans. We hope to see the results for our anniversary party!
Renovations 2004/2005
Thanks to a generous grant from The Helen and Will Webster Foundation, a new roof was installed at the Library. Secondly, our northwest room is finished! After months and months of renovation activities, the northwest room is a true treasure. We succeeded in trying to keep the room as original as possible when it was an elementary school back in the late 30s and early 40s. With help of volunteers and contracted professionals, a new floor was put in; all four walls have a new mud plaster; new windows were installed; new heater; and new lighting have made this a beautiful room. The El Rito Library is currrently expanding its collections into this new room. If you haven’t seen it, come by the Library and we will be happy to show it to you. Thank you Sabra Moore for the design and leading the mud plaster workshop, Roger Mignon and Mike Edge for doing the floor, Geoff Griego’s plumbing crew for doing the herioc work of reconnecting ancient plumbing, Tony Valdez for doing the electric, Quentin Wilson’s adobe class and the many volunteers who helped put up the earthen plaster.

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