Carl Jung's Red Book Has Arrived!

Carl J. Jung's Red Book has been generously donated by Steven Williams.  It now sits in our Special Collections cabinet. It will not be in our normal circulation but will be available for reading at our library. If you are traveling far please call ahead to reserve it for reading. 575-581-4608

"Some people feel that nobody should read the book,
and some feel that everybody should read it. The truth is, nobody really knows."

From the "Holy Grail of the Unconscious"
by SARA CORBETT Published: NY Times, September 16, 2009

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Lecture on The El Rito Land Grant

There will be a lecture here at the El Rito Library on The El Rito Land Grant presented by Henrietta M. Christmas on April 24, 2010 at 4:00 to 5:30 pm.

The El Rito Land grant like many community land grants had boundaries that lie within a larger picture of land, property rights and individual claims.   The lecture identifies the granting of the land, documents and the efforts of land owners to seek the rights and to protect their individual holdings but also to preserve the merced for the benefit of the community.   The discussion will cover a time period from 1800-1900 and the results of the El Rito Land Grant.  Anyone who lives in El Rito or can trace their ancestry to the early settlers will find this lecture invaluable as 76 petitioners made claim together as a community in August of 1883. 

A genealogical and historical researcher for over 30 years, specializing in northern New Mexico, she has written several books which relate to New Mexico, like La Cienega, Pojoaque and Presidio Soldiers, she’s also written more than 100 articles for various  journals relating to genealogy and history many for Herencia. In 2009, Henrietta completed “Chaperito, Land Grant, Parish & Ghost Town” an early history of eastern San Miguel County and contributed to the "1841 Census" both donated to HGRC.  A long-time member of the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center and New Mexico Genealogy Societies she currently serves on the Board of the Historical Society of New Mexico. Henrietta’s interest in researching land grants is two-fold, identifying the persons involved and hearing the testimonies.  These records provide an in depth knowledge of who, what and when things happened in regards to their specific land grants.  Many of these papers are far superior in terms of the WPA interviews and represent New Mexico’s historical past.  Two of her most recent projects include assisting with the Segesser Hide Paintings for the History Museum in Santa Fe and writing two chapters in the Anthology for the Historical Society of NM, titled “Sunshine and Shadows in New Mexico’s Past.” Henrietta resides in Corrales with her husband Walt.


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Our New Special Collections Cabinet

 The library is happy to announce the arrival of our long awaited Special Collections Cabinet. Former Board President John Caster envisioned having this cabinet at the Library.  Former President Janice Snellman spearheaded the project.  We never had envisioned how beautiful it would turn out to be!  We commissioned Eddie Maestas and The Spanish Colonial Woodworking Department of NNMC and are grateful for their masterful work to give home to rare books, artworks, books for sale and special editions of collected works.  We are now waiting on the donated Special Bound Collection of Patrick O'Brian "Aubrey–Maturin series", C. G. Jung's "The Red Book" and your ideas to fill this beautiful cabinet.  We will also be displaying items from local artists who truly support the Library.  Please visit our library to view all of the great Spanish Colonial Woodwork in our library and spend some time with us and these great bookworks!

Former Board Presidents:  John Caster and Janice Snellman
Present Board President:  Jim Harford




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Sunday Afternoon Jazz Improv

Thank You Cooper-Moore and Jeremy Barnes for the great performance
and thank-you Carolyn Reige and Norbert Hufnagl for bringing them to El Rito!

Cooper-Moore/Barnes duo
El Rito Library, February 28, 3pm

Cooper-Moore plays El Rito

Cooper-Moore from New York on his first ever visit to the region. The other half of this accomplished duo is Jeremy Barnes of the unique and popular Albuquerque group -“A Hawk and a Hacksaw” which toured over 54 cities in Europe and the U.S in 2009.

Cooper-Moore is known world-wide for his own brand of avante-garde jazz piano and playing his hand-made instruments - including fifes and flutes, the Diddley-bo, the Horizontal Hoe-Handle Harp, The Mouth-Bow, the Twagner, and more.


Jeremy Barnes will join Cooper-Moore on the drums and Persian santoor as they combine musical forces to create a unique and memorable afternoon for us all. For more about these two talented musicians, information is available at the library circulation desk.

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The 2009 "CHARITY CHAIRS" Live/Silent and On-line Auction

When Nicholas Herrera completed and donated the beautiful piece pictured on the left we had no idea how many people would want to be a part of this auction. It is an altered wooden chair given to him by Susan Guevara and ornamented with tin work by Carmen Campos .  It is a testament to his work that it would generate so much good will in the community of El Rito.

The Auction generated about $15,700 for our library and $300 for the Abiquiú Library and Cultural Center.  We are greatful for all those who contibuted items of all kinds!

The Chairty Chair On-line Catalog Results



Thank you to the professional Auctioneer Donald Martinez Jr
and his fantastic crew at D-Duck auctioneering!

A special thanks to the companies that donated items:

 The Abiquiu InnAritsans Santa Fe BodesGirasolGino's GymGhost Ranch •  The LensicSite Sante FeOjo Caliente Spa • Windstream • Home Depot • 10,000 Waves • Albertson's • Trader Joes  • Whole Foods
And the many, many atisans and community members who contributed their crafts for our silent auction!
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Thank you all for coming! Thank you Taos Walmart for the pumpkins! Thank you Haunted House crew!
Please visit our picture gallery to see the event!

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6 New Quilts For SALE! Thank you El Rito Quilters Guild!

In January 2000, twenty community members started their first quilt to benefit the El Rito Library. In the ten years of quilting together the guild has made several hundred quilts to donate for babies with AIDS, African orphans, families that lost homes in Cerro Grande fire and hurricane Katrina, Heifer Project International, and many more for El Rito Library fund raising.

The Guild meets every Thursday from 7 to 9 pm in the El Rito Library Community Room. If you would like to join us please call Viki Edwards at 575.581.4744 or the library at 575.581.4608.

The El Rito Quilters Guild have donated six quilts for our auction.

1 | 2 | 3

Dancing Fireworks
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Frolicking Dragons
1 | 2 | 3 | 4
Hearts and Flowers
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Huevos Rancheros Red
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
Northern Ponds
1 | 2 | 3 | 4


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"Death By Chocolate" and The El Rito Studio Tour

Thank you all chocolatiers and donators of all kinds for our “Death by Chocolate", Stop #12 on the 2009 El Rito Studio Tour Fundraiser. It was a great success! 

Thom Fortson  (paintings),  Susan Guevara (Children's Books), Steven Williams (crosses), Verronica Ortiz (CD's of "Por Mientras"), Belita Martinez (Apples).


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