Concert / Fundraiser: Lisa and Kip Powell

Singer songwriter Lisa Mednick Powell and her husband Kip Powell are giving a fundraising concert at the library.

Saturday, September 25th
4:00 to 5:00

Admission free. Donations encouraged.

Lisa lived, breathed, and sang her way through the halls and parks of Austin, playing with other great musicians and writing her own songs.  She’s released two albums, Artifacts of Love and Semaphore. 

Said Rolling Stone of her music:  “marked by artful songcraft.” 
Utne Reader:  “a dark, swirling gumbo.” 
Austin-American Statesman:  “richly evocative!”



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Presentation by Dr. Susan Calafate Boyle

Hispano Culture and Transportation Presentation

Our own El Rito Resident, Historian Dr. Susan Calafate Boyle, will be doing a presentation on the achievements of hispanos in New Mexico during the 19th century and highlighting New Mexicans contributions.  This presentation is on August 28, 2010 from 4:00 to 5:30 pm

Dr. Susan Calafate Boyle received her doctorate in American Social History from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She has been a member of the departments of history at Colorado State University, University of Missouri-Columbia and Westminster College and a Fulbright scholar in 1988. She is currently a planning specialist at the National Trails Intermountain Region office of the National Park Service in Santa Fe. Dr. Boyle continues to work as an independent scholar focusing on socioeconomic developments in New Mexico during the 19th century and is the author of Los Capitalistas: Hispano Merchants and the Santa Fe Trade. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1997.

Dr. Boyle in addition to being an expert on roads and historic trails, has worked on a wide range of topics, such as general management plans, interpretive plans, heritage tourism, the study of cultural landscapes and linear resources, and the development of effective strategies for successful partnerships.

She has also worked extensively in Latin America. She She was a co-leader of an International Workshop for Park Planning in Payogasta, Argentina, 2001, and has participated in numerous international seminars regarding strategies for incorporating landscapes and linear resources to World Heritage Site selection.

The presentation focuses on the contributions that the hispano culture made to the massive transportation of goods associated with the Santa Fe Trail and El Camino Real de Tierra Adentro during the 19th Century.  In the Southwest, the US inherited a tradition of muleteering as the Spanish found that packing was ideally suited to the area’s mountains and deserts. Many argue that the Spanish mule has been the unsung hero of transportation in the southwest.

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Special Book Collection - Patrick O'Brian

We are happy to announce a permanent donation by Ms. Carol Martin-Davis of her late husband's, William Shough, book collection written by Patrick O'Brian.  Mr. O'Brian, whose 20 sea stories won him international fame, died at the age of 85.

Mr. Patrick O'Brian, the Anglo-Irish novelist whose stirring tales of the British Navy in the Napoleonic Wars made him a literary celebrity at an age when most writers have long ceased to ply their trade.  Mr. O'Brian achieved international fame with his series of novels featuring Jack Aubrey, a British naval officer, and Stephen Maturin, an Irish-Catalan physician, naturalist and accomplished spy who was Aubrey's friend and constant shipmate.  The first of the series, "Master and Commander" appeared in 1969; the 20th, "Blue at the Mizzen" was published in 1999 late in the year.  Like most of the Aubrey-Maturin novels, it appeared on the New York Times best-seller list.

You can view this book collection at the Library.  This collection is displayed in the Special Glass Cabinet.  Thank you Carol!

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Kate Peck Kent Textile FOR SALE!

This Yoruba, indigo, resist dyed cotton textile was collected in Nigeria by the late Kate Peck Kent in the late 1960's.  It appears on the back cover and on page 58 of her book  "Introducing West African Cloth" published by the Denver Museum of Natural History in 1971.

Ms. Kent is a well known textile scholar and historian, best known for her research in prehistoric textiles of the American Southwest.  Some of her other books are:  Prehistoric Textiles of the Southwest,1983,  Pueblo Indian Textiles, a Living Tradition,1983,  Navajo weavings, Three Centuries of Change, 1985.
This piece was donated to the El Rito Library by her son Jon Kent, as a fundraiser for the libr ary.  The Kent family has been enjoyong life in El Rito since the 1940's.
The size of this piece is 59.5 inches wide by 56 inches wide, which includes the 4 inch blue strips on either side.  The measurement of the resist dyed piece is 51.75 wide by 65.5 iches high.

This work has been assessed and is on sale for $500.  It is presently hanging at our librarians desk for viewing.
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Lecture by NM Supreme Court Justice Patricio M. Serna

Saturday, July 24, 2010 at 4:00 pm

New Mexico Territorial Justice:  1846 – 1912

A history of the administration of justice in New Mexico from the American occupation in 1846 until statehood in 1912.  The presentation will focus on the lives and activities of several Supreme Court justices in the context of territorial times and will address the participation of the one Hispanic Justice in territorial times and since statehood in 1912.

Patricio M. Serna is currently a Justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court. (biography)

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The El Rito Quilter's Guild offers a quilt for sale

The El Rito Quilters Guild has donated another quilt to the library!

Carnival Front

Carnival Back

Carnival Detail

42" x 59.5"

$150 minimum for the library.

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Santa Fe Opera - Youth Night

Thank you to all staff and volunteers who co-ordinated the bus of chaparons and children to the Santa Fe Opera performance of Mozart's The Magic Flute. A special thanks to those that work for the Opera's  Community & Youth Program. This was a great oportunity for our community!


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LECTURE: Melina Vizcaino-Aleman on Fray Angelico's La Conquistadora: The Autobiography of an Ancient Statue

Saturday June 26th at 4:00 p.m.

This lecture will be in our non-fiction room.

Melina Vizcaino-Aleman
is a graduate of the American Studies PhD program at the University of New Mexico.  Her work concentrates on the history and culture of the Southwest, particularly as it relates to US Hispanic and Chicana/o literature, folklore, and film.  She also focuses on the significance of race, class, and ethnicity, as well as critical regional studies.  In her dissertation, "Triptych Cultural Critique: Fray Angelico Chavez and Southwestern Critical Regionalism, 1939-2004," she provides a critical biography of New Mexico's twentieth-century Franciscan priest, poet, historian, and man of letters.  The dissertation puts Fray Angelico in dialogue with other Southwestern writers, both Anglo and Mexican American, between the years of 1939 and 2004, and it uses religion as a cultural studies paradigm to engage in the development of regional writing and critical regional studies.

For her presentation, she will be presenting a portion of her dissertation on Fray Angelico's La Conquistadora: The Autobiography of an Ancient Statue, a 1954 text published by the Saint Anthony Guild Press and written in the context of the Nuclear Age.  Fray Angelico penned La Conquistadora after serving with the military during the Korean War (1950-1953), and he visited the Our Lady of Guadalupe shrine in Extremadura, Spain, while stationed in Europe.  He also served as an Army Chaplain for WWII (1942-1946), and he wrote Our Lady of the Conquest, a history of the statue published in 1948 by the New Mexico Historical Society.  The autobiography in many ways disputes this previous history using the voice of the statue.  By writing the autobiography in the voice of the statue "herself," Fray Angelico uses a literary technique that crosses gender, genre, and generations.  The presentation will address the autobiography's cross-gendered voice in three ways: 1) as a way to understand New Mexico's Hispanic religious traditions in a modern era; 2) as a revisionary history and Southwestern cultural performance; and 3) as a response to the US's nuclear development on a global scale.

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