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6th Annual Community Cleanup

It's time for our 6th Annual Community Cleanup!  On Saturday, May 12, 2007 starting at 9:00 a.m. at the Library and finishing off at 12:00 noon.  A picnic at the Library Grounds will immediately follow for all participants.  Pick up trash bags at the Library and don't forget to bring your own gloves.

As being part of the community, please get involved.  Make a difference in your community, even if it is only for one day.  Last year we picked up many, many truckloads of trash.  It's only for three hours, but it does make a difference.  Let's set an example to our children by showing we care about out environment.  If you can't come to the Library, pick up trash in front of your own private land by the road.  The Ojo Caliente Highway Department's District Office will come pick up the trash bags left on the side of the roads on Monday, May 14, 2007.  Thank you and hope to see you there!

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