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Library Director Position Open

The El Rito Public Library Board is seeking candidates for a new Library Director.  Christine Trujillo will be retiring on December 15, 2014 and will train the new director before she leaves.  The position is part-time (15-20 hours per week) and pays $16.00 an hour.  Minimum qualifications - Preferred:  1) Bachelor's Degree or higher in area related to Library Science.  An unrelated Bachelor's Degree or higher will be heavily weighted; 2) experience in grant writing; 3) able to get along with different types of people (good communication skills); 4) organized; 5) supervisory experience; and 6) budget experience.  We will consider:  1) associate's degree; and 2) aptitude for grant writing.

More Detailed Duties:  

Position is for 15-20 hours a week

Oversee all aspects of library operations which include:

1.     Supervise all employees which includes two Assistant Librarians; one Bookkeeper; one Cataloging and Acquisition Person.

2.     Oversee the entire budget process and keep abreast of fund balances to ensure there is enough budget to pay employees, pay vendors, etc.

3.     Assist Board Members, Friends of the Library and community members in fundraising events.

4.     Write grant proposals year round for general operating expenses or specific library programs.

5.     Keep up with reporting requirements from different grants that are administered through programs.

6.     Ensure that the New Mexico State Library's requirements are met to continue being a fully serviced public library.

7.     Establish and maintain liaison and outreach between library and the library service area, other libraries, and the Library Board.

8.     Keep up with the Library's e-mail and respond to inquiries as needed.

9.     Purchase items necessary to run the library; i.e., office supplies, postage, equipment, etc.

10.  Send out thank you letters to money donors and book donors on a monthly basis.

11.  Attend meetings when necessary at the El Rito Library Board meetings, Rio Arriba County Commissioners meetings; RAIL meetings; etc.

12.  Collaborate and assist with functions with NNMCC; Mesa Vista Consolidated Schools, Forest Service, El Rito District; Las Clinicas del Norte; etc.

13.  Ensure all monies are spent for awarded grants and for bond monies that pertain to the Library.

14.  Coordinate children and adult literacy programs with students and tutors.

15.  Attend training workshops that will enhance how we do business here at the Library.

16.  Continue to educate/learn about Library requirements and functions.

If you are interested in the Director position, please contact Board President, Judith Uhrich, at 575-581-0011, or by email at juhrich.nm@gmail.com, or send your resume to P.O. Box 181, El Rito, NM  87530.

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