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Library Receives $500 Grant for a Garden

The El Rito Public Library has received from ScottsMiracle-Gro a GRO1000 Grassroots Grant for $500.  It was one of more than 100 organizations across the U.S. to receive funding for a children's and community garden.

With the collaboration of the national summer reading program theme "DIG INTO READING" - this grant will help start a children's and community garden at the library.  While many children live in rural areas, many have never seen a garden at home or seen actual plants grow from seeds to maturity.  Community gardens have been shown to improve a neighborhood's quality of life, offering a number of environmental, health, and cultural benefits.  This grant will enable our volunteers to encourage the children weekly to help take care of the garden they planted throughout the summer and cultivate in the fall.  This garden at the El Rito Public Library will provide a place for the community to gather and work together to grow fresh produce.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that Americans throw away more 11 billion pounds of produce each year.  Despite that surplus, 4.1 percent of U.S. households experience hunger, 2.9 million of whom are children.  Through this garden, residents will be encouraged to eat healthier through cost-effective means.

To learn more about the El Rito Library community garden, call the library at 575-581-4608. 

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