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Auction Items Needed

Dear Artists and Everyone,

The El Rito Library wants to make this year’s auction on December 7, 2013 more successful than ever. At our artists’ dinner two weeks ago, you suggested we do a better job of publicizing the auction. With that in mind, we have several requests. First, we would like to have a theme for works contributed to the auction. Reflections is to be this year’s theme and pieces should “reflect” that theme, for example, by use of a mirror or mirrors.  Mirror image synonyms are: appearance, counterpart, duplicate, echo, idea, image, impression, light, likeness, picture, representation, reproduction, shadow, depict, double, embody, emulate, epitomize, exemplify, follow, glass, illustrate, imitate, mimic, personify, represent, show, simulate, and symbolize.

In addition, we want to increase exposure to your artwork prior to the auction by previewing pieces (the actual work itself, a photograph, or maybe a sketch) at the library’s Death by Chocolate event. As you are aware, this occurs during the El Rito Studio Tour on October 5th and 6th. We typically have around 200 people visit the Library at that time, many from Santa Fe. If artwork is available for preview, we can begin accepting bids at that time. Also, with your permission, we can publish pictures of your piece on our web site.

One final request is that each of you provide the Library with a short bio and photograph of yourself to be displayed with your Reflections artwork during Death by Chocolate. If you can commit to a donation, we want to create a poster with each artist’s name (bio and photo) to advertise the auction. These will be placed in each studio on the tour. We have only three weeks to get the poster ready for publication so we need your help ASAP.

We realize that this is a lot to ask of you in a relatively short time, but we believe this will make for a more rewarding auction, not only in terms of donations to the library, but also for exposure of your art. Thank you for contributing to our Library’s future.

Christine Trujillo, Library Director and Library Board Members

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