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3rd Annual Fundraiser - 100 People Donating $100

On September 1st through November 30th, we will be kicking off our 3rd annual fundraiser - 100 People Donating $100.  This fundraiser is simple, 100 people will donate $100 and the library makes $10,000 for general operating expenses.

Please help us reach our goal of $10,000 by pledging now or sending in your donation.  You can mail your donation to:  El Rito Library, P.O. Box 5, El Rito, NM  87530.  Or you can donate by credit card going to our website and clicking the "Click & Pledge" button (on the left hand side of website).

If you cannot afford the entire $100, ask family and friends to pitch in to reach the $100 goal.  Any donation will be greatly appreciated!

Each year, the El Rito Library continues to advance its mission of providing programs and free services for our El Rito and surrounding communities.  The fact is, libraries are some of the only remaining places where they can get the information and services they need for free.  But it's not free to keep libraries going.

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