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A Hawk and a Hacksaw Musical Concert

On Thursday, March 10, 2011 at 7:00 pm, the El Rito Library will be hosting an evening of Concert, Coffee and Cake.  We welcome Jeremy Barnes and Heather Trost, of the popular Albuquerque group - A Hawk and a Hacksaw, joined by musicians Samuel Johnson and George Lawler from Chicago, who are kind enough to stop in and perform a benefit concert for us while touring the west coast to promote their CD - "Cervantine".

A Hawk and a Hacksaw are known for their live performances with one-of-a-kind instrumentals which features Jeremey on accordian/percussion/vocals, Heather on violin/stroh violin/vocals, Samuel on trumpet/percussion, and George on doumbek/percussion.  Described as Eastern European folk-based with an eclective/classical bent, their music is lively, uniquely soulful and "seeks to create an ecstatic sound much like the village bands of old-virtuosity is appreciated but not over-emphasized".

The music of A Hawk and a Hacksaw was recently featured in the international art house film "Exit Through the Giftshop" by British artist, Banksy.  Having lived in Europe and the UK for some years, they moved back to their native New Mexico in 2008, and since have toured in Europe, Australia, Israel, and Turkey.  Some highlights of the group include selling out the Outpost performance space in Albuquerque in the fall of 2009, and being voted the best live music performance at the Brighton Fringe Festival in Brighton, England in 2007.

To view a video from the "Cervantine" CD and other A Hawk and Hacksaw clips, visit YouTube link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYjfBZxhUzU and/or learn more about the group by visisting www.ahawkand ahacksaw.net.

We will honor the group on their way to playing 10 dates in the UK this April by serving European "Coffee and Cake" to enjoy with this after-dinner concert (tea will be served as well).  There will be a raffle held for those in attendance to win free A Hawk and a Hacksaw CD - we hope to see you there!  This is a Fundraising and Donation Event - Pay as you will.  For more information, contact the Library at 575-581-4608.

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