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Matching Grant for 100 People Donating $100

Thank you to all who have already donated for this fundraiser.  As of Octobert 26, 2011, we have received $6,580.00.  We only need $3,420.00 to reach our original goal of $10,000.00.  The Webster Foundation will be giving the Library a matching grant of $5,000. 

This fundraiser will end on November 30, 2011 - so if you haven't sent in your donation, you still have time.  Maybe you can ask friends and family to help you meet the $100 goal.

Our 2nd Annual Fundraiser for Fall-2011 is simple, 100 People donating $100 and the Library makes $10,000.  What is great about this year's fundraiser is that there will be a matching grant of $5,000 from the Helen & Wilton Webster Foundation

The Helen & Wilton Webster Foundation granted us $40,000 back in 2003 to replace our old roof and to renovate the fiction room where the north wall had collapsed.  We got another grant for $5,000 in 2010 to make our final installment for the land and building.  We are very grateful to Alec and Claudia Webster for all that they have done for our Library.  There are truly "Friends of the El Rito Public Library".  Thank you Alec and Claudia!

Are you one of those people that can afford $100 or maybe you and members of your family or friends can all pitch in to reach the $100 goal?

We started our 26th year of being a Library - but we still need your help.  As you all know, the Library is in constant need of general operating money.  Call the Library at 575-581-4608 and pledge your $100 donation; donate on-line at www.elritolibrary.org; or mail it to us at P.O. Box 5, El Rito, NM  87530.

Please help us meet our initial goal of $10,000.  We thank you all in advance!

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