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Kate Peck Kent Textile FOR SALE!

This Yoruba, indigo, resist dyed cotton textile was collected in Nigeria by the late Kate Peck Kent in the late 1960's.  It appears on the back cover and on page 58 of her book  "Introducing West African Cloth" published by the Denver Museum of Natural History in 1971.

Ms. Kent is a well known textile scholar and historian, best known for her research in prehistoric textiles of the American Southwest.  Some of her other books are:  Prehistoric Textiles of the Southwest,1983,  Pueblo Indian Textiles, a Living Tradition,1983,  Navajo weavings, Three Centuries of Change, 1985.
This piece was donated to the El Rito Library by her son Jon Kent, as a fundraiser for the libr ary.  The Kent family has been enjoyong life in El Rito since the 1940's.
The size of this piece is 59.5 inches wide by 56 inches wide, which includes the 4 inch blue strips on either side.  The measurement of the resist dyed piece is 51.75 wide by 65.5 iches high.

This work has been assessed and is on sale for $500.  It is presently hanging at our librarians desk for viewing.
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