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Sunday Afternoon Jazz Improv

Thank You Cooper-Moore and Jeremy Barnes for the great performance
and thank-you Carolyn Reige and Norbert Hufnagl for bringing them to El Rito!

Cooper-Moore/Barnes duo
El Rito Library, February 28, 3pm

Cooper-Moore plays El Rito

Cooper-Moore from New York on his first ever visit to the region. The other half of this accomplished duo is Jeremy Barnes of the unique and popular Albuquerque group -“A Hawk and a Hacksaw” which toured over 54 cities in Europe and the U.S in 2009.

Cooper-Moore is known world-wide for his own brand of avante-garde jazz piano and playing his hand-made instruments - including fifes and flutes, the Diddley-bo, the Horizontal Hoe-Handle Harp, The Mouth-Bow, the Twagner, and more.

Sample: http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/cooper-moore/id15869126

Jeremy Barnes will join Cooper-Moore on the drums and Persian santoor as they combine musical forces to create a unique and memorable afternoon for us all. For more about these two talented musicians, information is available at the library circulation desk.

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