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United Way of Northern NM

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We are a non-profit organization with 501(C)(3) certification. We are not tax supported, since El Rito is an unincorporated village.

Operation expenses depend mainly on private donations, grant writing, and fundraising events. Events bring in only a small percentage of operating costs. Consequently, we are in constant need of private donations.

Program costs are supported by various foundations.

The annual budget for operations and program expenses, including wages, maintenance, repairs, and insurance is $65,000.

Lowe's Charitable Foundation
- We have received a $50,000 grant for capital outlay from the Lowe's Charitable Foundation.  This grant will be used to replace all the single-pane windows throughout the building; re-stucco the entire exterior walls of the building; and re-plaster the walls in the main entrance hallway.  Thank you Lowes!

SPECIAL THANKS to the Helen and Will Webster Foundation out of California that donated our last payment for the Land and Building.  We now own our land and building!

The 2010 Summer Reading Program was funded by Seth Jacobson.


Current needs for new fiscal year starting July 1, 2012 are:

General Operating Funds - $65,000/Year

There have been drastic cuts to the New Mexico State Budget for both education and library funding.  While the El Rito Library has benefited from state funding in the past, it is now suffering from these cuts as well as from cuts in funding from foundations and from private parties.  We struggle to keep our doors open our regular hours and struggle to continue offering a program that addresses the literacy needs of our local elementary school children.

Funding to Continue Cataloging and Database Entry - $5,000/Year
We completely cataloged our entire collection back in December 2008, however, many donated books and purchases of new books are required to be cataloged into our system.  This is an ongoing project and we need to pay someone to continue cataloging.

This year we bought "Giftworks" which is a software database that will keep track of our donors.  We have too many different Excel spreadsheets of donor information and more donor information on our financial system called "QuickBooks".  We need to consolidate all of this information into one database and hire someone to enter all these information into the database.

Building Repairs - Estimate is $50,000
After a six-year legal litigation over the land and building, we have been fundraising the yearly payments and our last payment has been donated by the Helen and Will Webster Foundation out of California, so we now own the land and building.  We can now concentrate on the building that needs many repairs.  Our old-adobe building was built in the late 1930s early 1940s.  It has seen many layers of new plaster and stucco; however, all exterior walls are starting to chip in many areas.  We need to re-plaster and re-stucco the entire building.

The entrance walls which are also made out of adobe are chipping as well and are in need of re-plaster and a fresh layer of new paint. 


If you wish to make a contribution contact:

Director Krysta Kavenaugh at (575) 581-4608

Gifts of Stock may be arranged through Jeffrey Stuermer of Paine Webber in Santa Fe.


  • The Helen and Will Webster Foundation
  • Rio Arriba County
  • McCune Foundation
  • Santa Fe Community Foundation
  • Santa Fe Community Foundation (Helen S. Keller Fund for Northern New Mexico Libraries)
  • The Christopher Reynolds Foundation
  • New Mexico State Library (Grant-in-Aid)
  • New Mexico Library Foundation Inc.
  • Lowe's Charitable Foundation
  • United Way of Northern New Mexico


  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • New Mexico Coalition for Literacy
  • New Mexico Children's Foundation
  • New Mexico State Legislature
  • Pojoaque Valley Fund
  • PNM
  • The Libri Foundation
  • The Rubel Family Foundation
  • Santa Fe Rotary
  • El Rito Studio Tour
  • Los Alamos National Foundation
  • Viburnum/Center for the Book
  • WalMart Matching Grant

At the start of last fiscal year (July 2009) we started a fundraising campaign that included the 100 Donors Drive, grants, private donations and events. We successfully achieved our basic goal which was to get the minimum of $60,000 for our operating cost for a full year and our land payment of $5000.  Please review our Fund Raising Chart to see how we did it!